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Programs + Services

Indigenous Government Programs

IPAC is working to support new and better relationships with First Nations, Inuit and Metis governments, organizations and administrators: relationships built on respect, cooperation and partnership.

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African Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

A scholarship program designed to boost the capacity of the public service in Sub-Saharan Africa by offering to young African public servants the opportunity to undertake fully-funded Master level opportunities

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International Programs

Dedicated to promoting sustainable development, democratic governance and effective public policy worldwide, IPAC’s International Program involves a diverse range of IPAC's Board, International Committee, membership, staff and other development partn

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Research at IPAC

At IPAC cutting edge research shapes our work in public administration and governance. We are committed to share with you its results through surveys, reports, case studies, conference sessions, books and academic articles.

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New Public Servants

New Professionals are at the Heart of Tomorrow’s Public Service. That’s why IPAC is bringing together the next generation of public service leaders to confront the important challenges ahead.

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CEPMA is a community of practice providing support, learning and networking opportunities to professionals engaged in performance management, accountability, measurement and evidence-based decision-making in a non-partisan, collaborative environment.

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