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New Directions


New Directions Paper Series

The New Directions paper series is designed to provide IPAC Members, stakeholders and the general public with up-to-date, relevant information in areas of relevance to public administration, public governance and public policy in Canada. This project will explore a wide range of issues and will host contribution from a broad set of authors from academia, the private sector and NGOs. Our goal is to develop an series of reports that will advance the understanding of best practices, highlight current areas of engagement for the public sector and showcase the connections that this research has to applications in the public sector. 

A few words from the CSPS and CAPPA Presidents
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Issue 1, Spring 2022

Making Internal Accountability Relevant to Public Managers during and After the Pandemic: A Practitioner-Derived Research Agenda

Executive Decision-Making During the COVID-19 Emergency Period

Government Accountability to Parliament During COVID-19 - Improving Relations Between the Public Sector and Parliament: Moving Forward

Public Sector and Parliamentary Accountability: Learning from COVID-19 - The Pulse of Government: Watching the Purse

Issue 1, January 2021

Assessing Organizational Readiness for Digital Transformation - Developing a readiness checklist for municipalities

Issue 1, July 2018

The Government of Ontario's Procurement of I & IT from Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Vendors

Issue 1, February 2017

Policy Capacity Mechanisms to Support Innovation In the Canadian Public Sector

Issue 2, April 2017

Executive Recruitment, Onboarding, and Retention: A Background Analysis

Issue 3, July 2017

Les dispositifs publics et parapublics d’appui à l’installation des jeunes en agriculture familiale au Québec