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About IPAC

The Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) is Canada’s leading professional organization supporting excellence in the country’s public sector. With 18 regional groups across the nation, our members include public servants, academics and others interested in public administration. The Institute also works closely with all levels of government to promote quality public services and practices. IPAC is a recognized leader in research, training, knowledge sharing and outreach including hosting a large number of conferences and events held regionally and nationally. Since the early 1990’s, the Institute has helped to export Canadian public sector expertise around the world. As a registered charity, we are proud to offer services in both official languages.

Our Principles and Values

Strategic Plan

Over the course of 2014-15, the IPAC Board of Directors has developed a new 5-year strategic vision and plan for the organization. Strategic plans are not cast in stone and must evolve as circumstances change. This plan sets of the vision for the organization. We welcome your feedback on this plan.

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Annual Report

This year IPAC has been focused on key areas such as policy innovation, new professionals and better alignment of our activities. We have also recognized the important role we can play in supporting Aboriginal governments and have made significant progress in living up to that commitment.