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Supporting the Public Service of the Future


A Knowledge-Driven Organization

Whether it is about leadership, public sector innovation, digital governance, service delivery transformation or another key area of public administration, IPAC’s mission to build capacity in public service across Canada and the globe is knowledge-driven. Our goal is to become the primary Canadian knowledge broker in public administration by leveraging our broad networks and the competencies and expertise of our partners in public service, NGOs, academia, and the private sector. To us this means offering you a high quality selection of primary research, publications, access to communities of practice, and sharing with you key knowledge and evidence in our field both our website, through social media, and at our events. Supporting the public service of the future requires both high quality products and a broad selection of sources. IPAC publishes Canadian Public Administration, Canada’s leading journal in public administration, alongside the practitioner-focused New Directions working papers. We produce and share special reports on topical issues, case studies to support the formation of the current and future leaders in the public service and we partner with academic publishers to produce two critically acclaimed public administration book series in both official languages. However, knowledge is most useful when it diffused and discussed through solid networks. Therefore, we initiate and foster conversations on social media about cutting edge knowledge developments in our field and we provide opportunities for you to come together in person to hear from world renowned speakers and researchers, and engage with them and your peers in discussing key research at our conferences and events.