Digital government has become a hot commodity. Everyone wants it even if there is no consensus on what exactly it is or how to do it well. How can digital government initiatives succeed? What factors need to be in place to increase the chances of success? With so many governments undertaking digital initiatives, the time is right to begin to probe how digital government initiatives work in practice, where they fail or succeed, and how they can improve.

Policy Ready and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada are partnering to tackle these important questions. We are pleased to launch a new Digital Government Case Study Series. It will profile digital government initiatives at all three orders of government in Canada and select international cases. These will feature in-depth examinations on a range of digital government issues such as major transformation initiatives, redesigns of government programs and services, the establishment and operation of digital government units, and examine the practices, cultures, and impacts of digital government.

We are inviting others in government, academic, and private and non-governmental circles to join us. We want to partner and collaborate with those of you working on the front lines of digital government.
What are the cases that need examining? How can this series be best utilised to help understand and advance the work of digital government? We aim to stimulate dialogue on what is happening in the field but also to help generate and share best practices. Please get in touch  if you have suggestions or ideas.