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The Case Study Program


What is a Case Study?

A case study is a written description of a situation in which public administrators made, influenced or implemented a decision. It is a means to bring together theoretical learning and their practical application. Many of the IPAC cases are written by public servants who have been involved in the administrative situations on which a case is based. Others are written by researchers who have developed cases based on their observations and experience in government.

The Case Study Hub

IPAC’s Case Study Hub offers an integrated, one-stop platform, with:

  •  A searchable database of over 200 case studies, organized to meet the divergent needs of practitioners, researchers and teachers
  •  How-to guides for writing, teaching and using cases
  •  An exhaustive source of other case studies from around the world
  •  Up to date information on recent cases, knowledge sources and emerging trends

Members have unlimited access to our Case Study Hub

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Cases Work for Schools and the Workplace of Today

The Cases in our Inventory, featured in our Partner’s sites or through our international connections meet the needs of encasing experience, organizational learning and the many aspects of public administration into a sharable and usable form.

Using cases and the resources in this hub lets you:

  •  Learn from other’s experiences
  •   Put theory into practice
  •   Learn theory through practice
  •   Pose realistic public policy challenges, learn how to write, teach and use cases
  •   Link up to the best sources, discover the how-to’s and how-not-to’s of public administration practice
  •   Explore complex issues in a realistic context
  •   Find resources globally