The African Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship 

IPAC was a proud partner in the African Leaders of Tomorrow (ALT) program, a Scholarship program launched in 2015 with funding from the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada, and the MasterCard Foundation. The programme was managed by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) in collaboration with the African Association of Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) and the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA). The program awarded full scholarships to women and men from sub-Saharan Africa to pursue Master’s degree in public administration, public policy and public finances offered in one of twenty eight Canadian universities. The main goal of the scholarship programme was to contribute to a strong and effective public sector in sub‐Saharan Africa through building the capacity of young African professionals to become leaders in public policy and administration. The programme commemorates the late Nelson Mandela’s commitment to social justice and equity. Through its five-year history, the programme saw 106 scholars successfully graduate with master’s degrees and return back to their home countries.

After the conclusion of the ALT programme in 2020, IPAC in conjunction with CBIE and AAPAM launched an extension programme to ALT, which includes a 16 week leadership training program. The programme is again made possible through the generous support of the Global Affairs Canada and the MasterCard Foundation. Beginning in June 2021, the programme will conclude in September 2021. This programme is offered to all ALT alumni as well as select members of AAPAM’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) and Le Programme Canadien de bourses de la Francophonie (PCBF). 

More information on the ALT extension program is available here.


Testimony from  Gamunu Jayasinghe:
'My mentee was Candy Tladi.  I was in communication with Candy prior to her arrival at the University of British Colombia.  Upon her arrival, I kept in touch with Candy and advised as to what she could expect in her new surroundings and best practices that would enable success at the University and her Post Graduate studies.  Candy has since successfully completed her Post Graduate studies.  I have kept in touch with Candy via LinkedIn.'