UNDP Mongolia Study Mission to Ottawa

PROJECT TITLE:  UNDP Mongolia Study Mission to Ottawa

PROJECT START/END:  June 24 to June 28, 2019

PROJECT LOCATION:  Ottawa, Ontario


The overall objective for requested Study Mission is support the effective implementation of the new Mongolian Civil Service Law (CSL) and in particular to translate the CSL into Human Resource Management (HRM) policies that are based on the principles of meritocracy.

To that effect we offered a five-day training program to be delivered in Ottawa, Ontario and that is premised on the following learning objectives:

  • Introduction to the Canadian HR and public service system 
  • Focus on Canadian best practices, history and lessons learned in the development of an integrated HRM system
  • Focus on the emerging trends, experience, best practices and lessons learned that led the Government of Canada in the development of a standardized system 
  • Meetings with key officials in the Government of Canada




            The 5-day learning journey followed the outlined framework.

Day 1: Introduction to the learning process and brainstorming consultation 

            Day 2: The Context of Canadian Human Resource Management 

            Day 3:

            Day 4: Human Resource Management and Public Service Renewal

            Day 5: The Public Service Commission of Canada