Eastern and Southern African
Management Institute (ESAMI) Learning Journey

PROJECT TITLE:  Productivity Management Study in the Public Sector for Government Executives Learning Journey to Canada for Heads of Public Service of ESAMI Member States

PROJECT START/END:  May 5 to May 10, 2019

PROJECT LOCATION:  Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario


The overall objective for requested Learning Journey was to expose ESAMI delegates to Productivity Management. Knowledge and practices in the public sector of Canada, covering the following areas:

  • Increasing, managing, and measuring productivity in the public sector
  • The role of government in driving economic development and industrialization
  • Governance of Regulatory Agencies
  • Evaluation and analysis of government programs for increased productivity


Based on the established objectives, IPAC delivered the program in Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario in order to provide exposure to both the provincial and Federal jurisdictions for the delegates.



            The 5-day learning journey followed the outlined framework.

Day 1: The Context of Canadian Economic Management and Governance in order to delve in the strategic frameworks that supported Canada’s industrialisation and economic management over the last decades.

            Day 2: The Productivity Imperative in the Public Sector to establish an understanding the of measuring and increasing productivity in public service and to discuss success and challenges in managing productivity in the public sector.

          Day 3: Role of Government in Economic Development and Industrialisation to develop a sound understanding of the notion of transformation and public sector economic development and to discuss the role of public sector enterprises and modern regulatory approaches in public sector productivity

            Day 4: Productivity at the Federal Government Level to develop an understanding of the strategic approach to productivity in the Federal Government of Canada

Day 5: Productivity in Public Service to develop an understanding of how performance management and public sector productivity can work together

On May 7th, 2019, the ESAMI Delegation visited the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The delegation had the opportunity to discuss organizational effectiveness in the Ontario Public Service, initiatives such as the Policy Innovation Hub within government, and the value of implementing lean practices to service delivery.