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Indigenous Government Programs


Reconciliation and Building New Relationships

The idea that good government is built on good working relationships has been at the heart of IPAC’s mandate for 70 years. Ongoing dialogue, sharing knowledge, and exchanging experiences between public sector leaders have contributed to strong public institutions across Canada. 

Now IPAC is working to support new and better relationships with Indigenous governments, organizations and administrators: relationships built on respect, cooperation and partnership. 

Our Indigenous Government Program at IPAC is

  • Creating regular opportunities for learning exchanges between non-Indigenous and Indigenous administrators across Canada on topics of mutual interest
  • Building the capacity of non-Indigenous public servants to work better with Indigenous peoples, their governments and agencies, and
  • Partnering with others to support the growth of administrative expertise, innovation and best practice in Indigenous governments 

Our signature activity in 2017 is the National Year of Dialogue for Reconciliation and Renewed Relationships. We have a dedicated site where you’ll find out all about it: the events taking place, reports, and more. 

“Reconciliation Begins with Me” is a one day workshop especially designed for public sector employees at all levels of government to learn about Indigenous peoples, history, law and policy as recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. 

We are proud to work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations and people across Canada to improve education and relationships that lead to reconciliation. For more information about partnerships, contact us .

Looking for Resources?

IPAC has a growing body of material for those interested in Indigenous government administration, policy and reconciliation. Here’s some recent stuff we’re learning.