October 23, 2020

IPAC Award for Innovative Management Award


Every year, the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) recognizes world-class innovators who are changing the face of public service in Canada. The IPAC Award for Innovative Management, launched in 1990, distinguishes government organizations that have shown exceptional innovations that address the wide variety of issues facing society today. 

This year, IPAC is pleased to recognize three truly innovative projects at the 2020 Annual Conference:


Blood Tribe Department of Health – “Bringing the Spirits Home” Addiction Framework 


Regional Municipality of York – Employment Services Transformation 


Town of East Gwillimbury – Municipal Peak Performance Program   

IPAC is also pleased to recognize the District of Muskoka with a “Honourable Mention” in 2020 for creation of their Muskoka Area Indigenous Leadership Table. 

Governments are facing challenges that are increasingly complex and often spread across departmental mandates and jurisdictions. These issues affect citizens and stakeholders in both predictable and unintended ways. Although resources are increasingly limited, citizens still have expectations and assume that governments will work together to address them through new and creative approaches.

The IPAC Award for Innovative Management Award aims to recognize and encourage innovation in all public organizations and across all orders of governments. Our program also provides an opportunity to share these good ideas with others. Past award recipients have developed new approaches to combat homelessness, tax fraud, climate change, and a declining manufacturing base, and improve opportunities for Aboriginal communities.  

We look forward to recognizing innovative projects and people next year at the 2021 annual conference. It is never too early to start thinking of suitable projects for the award. We continue to encourage submissions that: 

  • Transform public administration 
  • Advance knowledge management systems and structures
  • Enhance the use and management of public funds
  • Improve transparency, accountability and responsiveness
  • Increase public participation 

    In an era of COVID-19, the timing, leveraging, and funding of these programs are more crucial than ever. We collectively demand new approaches to public services that are relevant, cost effective, efficient, transparent and are especially innovative!  

    For more information, please contact Zachary Spicer at [email protected]