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How does IPAC Membership Work?

When you sign up for an IPAC membership, you start receiving benefits right away! You’ll get access to the ‘members-only’ section of our website, and will be able to access exclusive members-only content from our E-store. Your email and contact information will be given to the regional group in your area, and you’ll start to receive information and updates about IPAC regional events that are close to you. Your membership will be active for a full year from the date of purchase.


Who is eligible to become a member of IPAC?

Anyone interested in public sector management or public policy can become a member of IPAC.

Become a Friend of IPAC

Becoming a friend of IPAC costs you nothing ... and yet can be very rewarding. Receive our free eNewsletter highlighting the latest in IPAC news, activities and research and be notified of important upcoming IPAC events. 

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If you are experiencing any problems registering/renewing your membership, please contact Dianne Bukaka at [email protected] or 4169248787.