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Legislative Assembly of Alberta. Edmonton, AB.
Closing Date January 28,2022 Location Edmonton, AB.
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The Office of Parliamentary Counsel (“OPC”) provides comprehensive and impartial legal advice to the following as it relates to their parliamentary or constituency functions: Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and other Presiding Officers; Members of the Legislative Assembly; and Committees of the Legislative Assembly. The OPC is responsible for providing legislative drafting services to Members of the Legislative Assembly, specifically in respect of Private Members’ Public Bills, Private Bills, and amendments proposed by private Members in respect of any Bill or motion before the Assembly. The OPC also serves as the LAO’s in-house counsel and provides legal advice to the Clerk and LAO management on the LAO’s programs and services and matters arising within the parliamentary context.

The Legal Counsel focuses on providing legal advice to the Law Clerk and parliamentary counsel, and LAO managers, primarily in the following areas: constitutional law, statutory interpretation, contract law, procurement law, leasing, employment law, information access and privacy law, and intellectual property law.

The OPC operates in accordance with the Legislative Assembly Act; the Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly; the LAO’s policies and protocols; applicable public service policies; the directions of the Speaker, the Members’ Services Committee and the Clerk; and applicable federal and provincial legislation.

The following are the main responsibilities of the Legal Counsel position.
• Provides legal advice and support to the Law Clerk, parliamentary counsel and LAO managers on legal issues arising in relation to the provision of the LAO’s programs and 
• Reviews and provides advice with respect to a variety of legal agreements, including contracts, employment agreements, commercial leases, procurement and licenses.
• Advises on, and drafts as required, administrative procedural or protocols to support organizational governance and ensure that the LAO’s programs and services are carried out in legally compliant and consistent manners.
• Provides legal advice on a variety of matters arising under the Constitution or legislation as it relates to the functioning of the Legislative Assembly and the duties of its Member.
• Monitors legal trends and emerging issues for the purpose of providing timely and practical legal advice.
• Analyzes, and interprets judgments and court and tribunal rulings to assess their impact on the Legislative Assembly. 
• Participates in working groups and project teams in respect of LAO administrative and governance matters
Develops legal strategies and approaches that will lead to the client’s desired outcome based on a solid understanding of stakeholder viewpoints, and managing client interests and expectations. 
• Performs other related duties as assigned from time to time.
• Exercises a high degree of judgement, tact and diplomacy in dealing with legal issues that may involve communication of information that could have a significant impact on the reputation and credibility of the Legislative Assembly and its Members. 
• Continuously demonstrates a strong commitment to workplace health and safety by following safe work practices, and reporting work related accidents and hazards immediately. 
• Continuously demonstrates support for a positive workplace culture and the valued behaviours described in the LAO’s Respectful Workplace Policy. 

The Legal Counsel’s scope of duties are as follows.
• The position reports to the Law Clerk.
• The position must be carried out in accordance with the administrative protocols of the OPC.
• The position impacts the efficient and effective delivery of the LAO’s legal and legislative services, and by extension the same in respect of the parliamentary work of Members ofthe Legislative Assembly.
• The position is strictly nonpartisan reflecting the LAO’s impartial role within Alberta’s parliamentary system.
• The position requires flexibility with respect to hours of work, which may extend into the evening when the Assembly is sitting; additional hours of work may be required depending on operational requirements.

The successful candidate will possess the following:
• Juris Doctor (JD) or Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree with strong academic standing;
• active membership in or immediate eligibility for entrance to the Law Society of Alberta;
• up to 5 years professional legal experience;
• experience in contract, lease or legislative drafting;
• excellent legal research, analytical and writing skills;
• strong organizational, self-management, and time-management skills;
• meticulous attention to detail that includes strong proofreading skills;
• demonstrated collaboration and interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate legal information and advice in a clear and effective manner, both orally and in writing;
• demonstrated excellence in providing client-centered services;
• ability to work effectively under pressure to meet deadlines ability to project a professional attitude, tact and judgment in all interactions with internal and external clients;
• knowledge of Westminster-style of parliament and the composition and structure of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta;
• experience in parliamentary law or legislative drafting is considered an asset; 
• in-house or corporate experience is considered an asset;
• Demonstrated ability to remain, and be seen to remain, impartial at all times despite carrying out their functions in a partisan, political environment

How to Apply

The deadline for applications is January 28, 2022. 

Find more information, including the position profile, on the Legislative Assembly website