Establishing a Pacific Regional Climate Finance Help Desk

Cowater International and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada. Consultant’s Home Office (remote); Suva, Fiji (if possible).

Closing Date   Location Consultant’s Home Office (remote); Suva, Fiji (if possible) Work Type -
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Job Description:
1.0 Introduction to CTIF
The Canadian Trade and Investment Facility for Development is a seven-year, CAD $11.6 million demand-driven program aligned with Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) to support sustainable trade and investment-related policy reforms and economic development initiatives that promote women’s empowerment and inclusive growth and have a high potential to reduce poverty in ODA-eligible developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. CTIF provides technical assistance based on the needs identified by potential beneficiaries and according to an assessment process jointly administered by the CTIF team and Global Affairs Canada (GAC). Technical assistance is provided by independent suppliers that specialize in the specific services being requested by the beneficiary. Cowater International ( and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada ( jointly implement CTIF on behalf of the Government of Canada.

2.0 Assignment Overview
Consultancy title: Establishing a Pacific Regional Climate Finance Help Desk
Beneficiary Organizations: Pacific Centre for the Environment and Sustainable Development (PaCE-SD) - University of the South Pacific (USP)
Anticipated duration: 12 months
Anticipated start date: November 2020
Location of assignment: Consultant’s Home Office (remote); Suva, Fiji (if possible)
Summary of assignment: USP’s PaCE-SD has been delivering climate change and disaster risk management courses that are tailored to meet the needs of its member countries. PaCE-SD/USP enjoys a very close network of climate advocates dating back to 2011, when its accredited postgraduate program was launched. Since 2012, over 290 students have passed through its Climate Change Program, more than 20 students have contributed to the UNFCCC COP negotiations, 150 trainers have been trained, and over 200 community members have been supported in building their resilience towards climate change impacts. Furthermore, following requests from PIC governments, the PaCE-SD also developed a Climate Finance and Adaptation Project Design course to build PIC capacity to secure climate finance. Afterthree years of offering the course, PaCE-SD is clear from its own observations and consultations with participants that additional permanent, reliable and flexible technical support is necessary to help PICs identify and develop fundable climate change adaption or mitigation projects.
Terms of Reference: See Annex 1
Maximum budget, excluding HST: CAD $150,000

3.0 Corporate Qualifications
Interested bidders must possess the corporate capabilities and experience described in Annex 1 (TORs), which can be evidenced through project profiles included in technical proposals using the form provided in Annex 2. Contracts for projects profiled by bidders must have been active within the last five calendar years dating from the date of the release of this tender document.

4.0 Proposal Validity
A proposal must remain valid and open for acceptance for a period of 90 days after the closing date of RFP.

5.0 Team Member Qualifications
Bidders must provide CVs for the team members it proposes to undertake the assignment on behalf of CTIF and the beneficiary using the format provided in Annex 3.

6.0 Conflict of Interest – Unfair Advantage
In order to protect the integrity of the procurement process, the Bidders are advised that CTIF may reject a bid in the following circumstances:
a. if the Bidder, any of its proposed Personnel including any of their respective employees or former employees was involved in any manner in the preparation of the bid solicitation;
b. if the Bidder, any of its proposed Personnel, including any of their respective employees or former employees, was involved in any other situation of conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest;
c. if the Bidder, any of its proposed Personnel including any of their respective employees or former employees had access to information related to the bid solicitation that was not available to other Bidders and that would, in CTIF's opinion, give or appear to give the Bidder an unfair advantage; or,
d. If the Bidder, its employees, or any of its proposed Personnel are related to an owner or employee of the Beneficiary or are currently working with the Beneficiary in a volunteer or paid capacity as an employee, consultant or director (board member).

7.0 Rights of Cowater International/IPAC:
As CTIF’s lead executing agency, Cowater/IPAC reserve the right to:
a) reject any or all Proposals received in response to the RFP;
b) enter into negotiations with Bidders on any or all aspects of their Proposals;
c) cancel the RFP at any time;
d) reissue the RFP;
e) if no compliant Proposals are received and the requirement is not substantially modified, reissue the RFP by inviting only the Bidders who responded to resubmit Proposals within a period designated by Cowater; and
f) negotiate with the sole compliant Bidder to ensure best value to DFATD.

8.0 Coordination and Reporting
The Service Provider will be contracted by Cowater International and report to the CTIF Project Manager. More details on reporting requirements are provided in the attached TORs.

9.0 Proposal Structure and Evaluation Methodology
Proposals will be evaluated using the cumulative analysis method. The proposal with the highest cumulative scoring will be awarded the contract. Applications will be evaluated technically and financially, and points will be attributed based on the assessment criteria detailed below. 

You can read the full Request for Proposal by clicking here.

How to Apply
Proposals shall be submitted to CTIF by October 19, 2020 5pm EST, by email to:
You can find the complete process for submitting here:

Proposals can be submitted by a single supplier, a consortium or a joint-venture arrangement. Proposals must be submitted in two separate pdf format files. These may be attached as part ofthe same email.
a. Parts A and B – Technical Proposal
b. Part C – Financial Proposal (should be password-protected).

We will request the password if your proposal is deemed technically compliant. Any submission of the financial proposal that is not password-protected will be disqualified. Also, any
submission of the financial proposal together with the password will be disqualified.

Proposals shall be submitted to CTIF using the following subject lines:
• CTIF– 043-USP-Fiji – Technical Proposal
• CTIF – 043-USP-Fiji – Financial Proposal
CTIF will confirm receipt of your proposal.

Bidders may submit to CTIF questions and/or requests for additional information, including, without limitation, inquiries related to substantive portions of the RFP, timing, clarifications related to definition or interpretation of this RFP. All questions and/or requests must be submitted in writing by email to Natalia Barankevych at on or before October 2, 2020. CTIF will respond to a timely submitted question and/or request for clarifications by issuing addenda and/or response, which will be sent out to all the parties, who expressed interest in bidding on this project.

In the event you are the selected Service Provider in this procurement process, you will be expected to sign Cowater Sub-contractor Agreement and its General Terms and Conditions. A copy of this standard Agreement may also be requested from the CTIF team.

CTIF looks forward to receiving your proposal and thanks you in advance for your interest in CTIF procurement opportunities.