Public Sector Leadership & Excellence Awards

About the Award

The IPAC Public Sector Leadership & Excellence Awards program recognizes organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership by taking bold steps to improve public services, support government priorities or have had a significant impact on public policy and improving Canada through advancements in public administration and management.

How it works

To ensure high quality submissions and adequate representation from across the country, IPAC will collect the submissions from municipal, provincial, federal, territorial and Indigenous administration award programs. There will be no direct nomination process through IPAC. 
IPAC will undertake an adjudication process and select the Bronze, Silver & Gold winners. Recipients will be announced at IPAC’s annual Leadership Conference in February in Toronto.

Nomination Process

- All nominations for the Public Sector Leadership & Excellence Awards must be submitted by December 15th, 2020.
- There is no additional nomination form. To simplify the process, nominations can be submitted in the same form as was used within internal award programs.
- The selection jury undertake an adjudicating process and select the Bronze, Silver & Gold winners in late January.
- Recipients will be announced and honoured at IPAC’s annual Leadership Conference on March 9-10th, 2020 in Toronto.

Award Criteria

How did the initiative:
- demonstrate resilience, dedication and willingness to take risk? 
- take courage to step into new territory?
- anticipate future trends and events and work with others to develop strategies to meet future challenges?
How did the team/project seek creative solutions, improve systems or processes, challenge the status quo? 

To what extent does the initiative have a fundamental impact on the work being done or the client service provided?
How significant was the impact? How important was the problem that the project or initiative addressed?

Was collaboration required within the organization and/or between organizations for the achievement of the objective? How did the team foster an environment where new ideas are welcome?
Were relationships built to support actions and contribute to program/policy advancement at the overall departmental and government-wide level?

For more information on the Public Sector Leadership & Excellence Awards, please contact: Natalia Zivkovich, Membership and Outreach Administrator at 416-924-8787 Ext. 240 or <>.

2019 Winners

The IPAC Public Sector Excellence Awards program recognizes organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership by taking bold steps to improve public services, support government priorities or have had a significant impact on public policy and improving Canada through advancements in public administration and management.

Award recipients were announced during IPAC' s Annual Leadership Conference last month in Toronto.

Please see below organizational highlights from the Bronze, Silver & Gold winner

Bronze - Housing Forum Secretariat

In the fall of 2017, the Yukon Housing Corporation assumed the role of Chair of the Provincial/Territorial Housing Forum Secretariat in 2017 to lead provincial and territorial governments in the negotiation of a partnership framework that brought the National Housing Strategy to life. This was achieved through interest-based discussions, position development, and complex negotiations.

The team coalesced to explore and gain understanding of the interrelated roles of Yukon as advocate, liaison, communicator and negotiator. During their tenure, they engaged with Canada, established strong networking connections with the other provinces and territories, clarified points of agreement and identified issues that arose, all while ensuring that Yukon's interests were also reflected in the discussion.

Since the endorsement of the framework, the team has continued to support provincial, territorial and federal colleagues in working together to advance initiatives under the National Housing Strategy. As Yukon's Housing Forum Secretariat team nears the end of their two-year term and prepares to hand the role of Chair on to the next jurisdiction, the members are grateful for the opportunity to showcase Yukon at a national level.

Photo credit: Government of Yukon (2018)

Silver - Health System Restructuring Transition Team - Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA)

The move to a single Health Authority was driven by a commitment to improve the efficiency of the health system, to reduce duplication of effort and, ultimately, to improve frontline patient care for people across the province.

One of the first actions of the Transition Team was to determine the principles that would guide their work, which included a patient first approach; focus on quality and safety; open and transparent communication; collaboration and engagement; respect for people and culture; and, evidence-based decision making. The team placed a premium on open, honest, and transparent communications with all affected parties, engaged many in the development of the work, and ensured their actions were embedded in the principles of effective change management.

The work of the Transition Team has laid the foundation for the SHA to continue their transformational journey, including full implementation of all of the Advisory Panel's recommendations.

Photo credit: Government of Saskatchewan (2018)

Gold - MyAlberta Enterprise Solutions

Service Alberta's Digital Service Technologies (DST) team led the strategy, design, implementation, and adoption of MyAlberta Enterprise Solutions to provide better digital services to Albertans.

MyAlberta eServices offers an easy way to pay for government services online. Since its launch in 2015, over 1.5 million transactions have been completed through the site, totaling more than $250 million.

MyAlberta Digital offers a new way for citizens to prove who they are online, so they can use a single, secure login to access government services.

MyAlberta Evacuation Payment System showcases the transformative potential of MyAlberta Digital ID, which is being leveraged to provide fast and convenient evacuation payments during a disaster. DST delivered the system in six months in partnership with Community and Social Services, Municipal Affairs, and Treasury Board and Finance.

Photo Credit: Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta (2018)