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1/26/2022Lunch & Learn with the Condo Award Winners  ActiveMANJAN2022MB~/images/event/ipac_mb.jpg
1/27/2022Monetary Policy Report  ActiveMPRJAN22WEB~/images/ipac/events/memberonly.jpg
1/28/2022Progress in Gender Equality and the Public Sector  ActiveVICJAN2022VAN~/images/event/ipac_vic.jpg
2/24/2022IPAC 17th annual Leadership Summit  ActiveLEAD22NAT~/images/ipac/events/leadership_icon.jpg

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#IPAC2020IAPC Attendees, Looking for your Scavenger Hunt Code?

Dear attendees, Thank you for participating to the Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win an iPhone 12 Pro courtesy of Cocoflo Inc.

IPAC Award for Innovative Management Award

Every year, the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) recognizes world-class innovators who are changing the face of public service in Canada. The IPAC Award for Innovative Management, launched in 1990, distinguishes government organiza

Democracy Dialogues | Virtual Series

A free virtual series which will answer some of our biggest questions and concern we have about democracy during COVID-19.