Regional Group Excellence Award

About the Award

The IPAC Regional Group Excellence Award recognizes the importance and contribution of regional group programming and services to the overall vitality, growth and value of IPAC as a national membership-based organization. Regional groups were formed soon after IPAC's inception. Their goal is to pursue the national mission at local and regional levels. RGs provide opportunities for a broader range of participation in the Institute. Since the 1960s, these groups of volunteers have become the organizational backbone of IPAC. The RG that has most distinguished itself through innovative programming and initiatives during the year will receive the award. 

Key Dates

Nomination Deadline  June 1, 2021
 Winners Notified  August 2021
 Awards Presented  IPAC’s 73rd Annual Conference

Criteria for Assessment

Please nominate one unique initiative which you have undertaken over the past year. The initiative may be an innovative program, membership recruitment tool, collaborative undertaking or any other success that aligns with the IPAC’s mission and goals. Describe how it meets the following criteria:

  • COLLABORATION: What was unique about the way the group collaborated – internally and externally – to execute the initiative?  
  • NETWORKING: How were networking opportunities increased?
  • LEARNING: What learning opportunities were offered?
  • MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION: How did the initiative affect overall membership numbers?
  • LEADERSHIP IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: How leadership demonstrated?
  • CELEBRATING EXCELLENCE: Did the initiative recognize excellence?


Award submissions should consist of a brief description that highlights the aspects of the your recent accomplishments, focusing on the criteria. 
Suggested Length: Nominations should be no longer than 1500 words.
You may attach samples of newsletters, programs, video or other relevant material to assist in demonstrating the initiative’s impact or innovation.

Click here  to complete our online nomination form.


2019 Winner - Fredericton Regional Group
2017 Winner - Manitoba Regional Group
2016 Winner - Northwest Territories Regional Group