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IPAC Staff


Chief Executive Officer
Robert P. Taylor, PhD
416-924-8787 ext. 230

Co-CEO, Director of Finance and Acting Director, Domestic and International Programs
Suzanne Patterson
416-924-8787 ext. 226

Senior Executive in Residence
James Froh

Finance and Administration

Intermediate Accountant
Hisham Derbala
416-924-8787 ext. 233

Digital Officer
Béatrice Batigne
416-924-8787 ext. 248

Project Manager / Special Advisor
Marsha Chase
416-924-8787 ext. 237

IPAC Associate
Ann Masson

Contracting / Administrative Coordinator, Domestic and International Programs (DIP)
Pia Bruni
416-924-8787 ext. 235

Research and Outreach

Director of Research and Outreach
Andrea Migone
416-924-8787 ext. 228

Director (Associate) of Special Events
Gabriella Ciampini
416-924-8787 ext. 223

Lead Membership, Partners and Marketing
Brittany Waters
416-924-8787 ext. 250

Lead, Training, Outreach and Programs
Membership Services and Awards

Marta Guzik
416-924-8787 ext. 221

Membership and Outreach Administrator
Natalia Zivkovich
416-924-8787 ext. 240

Administrative Assistant & Scheduler
Christine Michaty
416-924-8787 ext. 222

Managing Editor, Canadian Public Administration Journal
Christy Paddick