National Secretary-Treasurer, Chair, Finance & Risk Assessment Committee & Audit Committee

Rick Hancox

Chief Executive Officer, Financial and Consumer Services Commission


Now retired, Rick was the former Chief Executive Officer of the Financial and Consumer Services Commission (FCNB). Rick was accountable for the overall operation of the Commission including management of staff and administration of a wide range of consumer and investor protection legislation. The Commission was established on 1 July 2013 and is responsible for the regulation of securities, pensions, insurance, financial institutions and consumer affairs. Rick was the Executive Director of the former New Brunswick Securities Commission from 2004 - 2013.

Rick has been a regulator for over 25 years. Prior to joining the Commission, he was the head of a number of different departments in another Crown Corporation for thirteen years. Rick is a former naval officer and is a Member of the Ancient Order of the Deep. He then worked in the defence industry before making the transition to Crown corporations. Rick now serves on a number of boards.