Chair, IPAC Incite Committee

Mathew Klie-Cribb

Policy/Market Analyst
Natural Resources Canada


Mathew is an oil and gas analyst at Natural Resources Canada, developing policy and market analysis on oil and gas pipelines and the natural gas sector writ large. He is a numbers-cruncher and a communicator, with a background in journalism, political science, and economics – Bachelor of Journalism, Carleton University, 2009; Masters of Arts, International Affairs (International Trade Policy), Carleton University, 2012.

Mathew joined the federal public service after a one-year stint as a daily news reporter in Canada’s oil sands region, and a three-year career as a consultant lobbyist for a variety of energy (and non-energy) companies.

In August 2016, passionate about his new career in the federal public service, Mathew joined IPAC in the National Capital Region. IPAC connected him with a community of public servants with a wide variety of specialities and interests from around Ottawa, united by a desire to learn, grow, promote public service excellence, and give back. IPAC’s monthly events in Ottawa introduced him to some of the most topical challenges facing public administration in the future – digitization, reconciliation, the future of work, etc. – and facilitated connections between senior executives sharing their time and expertise, and new public servants. Mathew quickly joined the New Professionals sub-community in Ottawa, and contributed to the 2017 New Professionals workshop, co-led the 2018 New Professionals Workshop, and advised the co-leaders of the 2019 New Professionals Workshop.

Mathew believes that communities such as IPAC play an important role in our careers by motivating, inspiring, connecting and entertaining, and encourages all new public servants to join in the fun and benefit from the IPAC experience.