2nd Vice-President and Chair of The Regional Group Council

Jessica Drakul

Transformation Coordinator, Government of Manitoba


Jessica Drakul is currently a Transformation Coordinator in the Government of Manitoba’s Department of Growth, Enterprise and Trade and has been a member of the IPAC Manitoba Regional Group since 2011. She is the current Chair of the Manitoba Regional Group and has also served in the Communications and Vice-Chair roles for the Manitoba Board. Jessica’s interest in IPAC arose out of her multi-disciplinary exposure to public administration as a Management Intern in the Government of Manitoba; in her short time in government, she has filled policy, program, management and advisory roles that cross departmental and sectoral lines. She strongly believes in the concepts of #OneTeamGov and is a compulsive “joiner”: where there’s a network of public servants, you’ll likely find Jessica somewhere in the mix. Jessica is a graduate of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Western University and the University of Manitoba where she studied English, Comparative Literature and eventually Public Sector Management. She considers herself a shining example of the manner in which public administrators emerge from all educational backgrounds.