Panel Moderator Volunteer


DESCRIPTION/PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT:  IPAC Toronto Region group supports a range of learning activities including speaker panels. It is valuable to have diverse panels and panel moderators. Panel moderators help to share responsibility with presenters, enable the audience to be engaged and can help relay the information being presented more efficiently.

OUTLINE OF VOLUNTEER’S RESPONSIBILITIES: Moderate panel of speakers (typically 3 to 5 speakers) at an IPAC Toronto Region Group event. Develop questions for speakers. Engage the audience.

SUPPORT PLAN: Board members planning the event would work with the panel moderator to come up with questions and provide information about the speakers ahead of the event day.

TIME COMMITMENT: Need to be available for 2-4 meetings (may be via teleconference) to get an understanding of the learning objectives for the event, understand your role as moderator, and learn about the speakers. Prepare questions for speakers in advance to review. Would need to be available for the event day.

QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED: Would require exceptional public speaking, facilitation and interviewing skills.

(vision and mission of IPAC Toronto Region Group)