Event Day Volunteer


DESCRIPTION / PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT:   IPAC Toronto Region group holds regular collective learning and speaker events on topics relevant to public service. Events can range from panel discussions to lectures.  Assistance is needed for the successful execution of our events.

OUTLINE OF VOLUNTEER’S RESPONSIBILITIES: Event volunteers assist on the event day for set-up, guest assistance, registration, and clean up.

SUPPORT PLAN: Event volunteers work under the direction of various members of the event committee or other volunteers, who will provide details of the event and task-specific requirements.  Volunteers will be provided information as indicated in the ‘Setting Our Event Volunteers Up for Success: Toronto Region Group Checklist’.

TIME COMMITMENT: Event day volunteers will typically be asked to commit at least 3 hours.  Learning events are generally held on weekdays late afternoon or evening.  Attendees for events are generally attired in business or business casual unless otherwise indicated.   

QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED:  Customer-service oriented, good listening skills, attention to detail (e.g. registration) and ability to follow instructions.  Level of technology skills depends on the event.  May include the set-up and monitoring of teleconference, presentations, and/or Slido.

(vision and mission of IPAC Toronto Region Group)