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IPAC Saskatchewan's Call for Nominations 2021

Please read our Award Policy.

• 2021 IPAC Saskatchewan’s Lieutenant Governor’s Gold Medal Award •

This prestigious medal recognizes a person who has demonstrated distinctive leadership and exceptional achievement in public administration in Saskatchewan. The Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan will present this award on September 16, 2021 during a ceremony at Government House hosted online by the Saskatchewan Regional Group of IPAC. 

Previous recipients of this award include meritorious public servants from all levels of government and a variety of fields of interest and public sector specialization across Saskatchewan. 


• 2021 IPAC Saskatchewan's Promising New Public Servant Award •

Each year we also accept nominations for an award to honour promising new public service professionals in Saskatchewan.

This Promising New Public Servant award recognizes an individual with less than five years of cumulative experience in public service who demonstrates:

  • leadership potential within the public service;
  • the ability and potential to contribute to excellence in public service in Saskatchewan;
  • the following ideals and values:
    • Personal Integrity(Conscientiousness, confidentiality, fairness, courage and humility)
    • Democratic Governance(Non-Partisanship, Ensuring Transparency through better reporting, providing accountability for public consultation and public interest)
    • Respectfulness(with the elected, the public, colleagues, and fellow public servants)
    • Learning and Innovation (Enhance democratic governance, improve performance, responsible assumption of risk, personal improvement and celebrate the success of our public policy colleagues)
    • Ethics and Values (Critical reflection on ethics, and actions, through dialogue and reason)