• Deciphering Disability Benefits: How might the Canada Pension Plan disability benefits process be made simpler for applicants and medical practitioners?

• French Teacher Shortage: How can Nova Scotia recruit and retain French second language and French first language teachers?

• Achieving Equity in Aboriginal Employment: How can government help achieve equitable levels of economic participation by Aboriginal people across all sectors (private, not-for-profit and government) and at all levels of employment from entry level through senior management?

• Healthy Mouths, Better Futures: What changes can be made to increase preventative dental care for clients and dependents of Income Assistance?

• Digital Delivery of Services: How can government improve its digital delivery of services to the public to provide for more efficient and cost-effective access?

• Cultural Economy: How can government play a role in increasing the economic opportunities created by Nova Scotia’s diverse cultural communities?

• Legalization of Marijuana: If the Government of Canada legalizes marijuana, what role should the provincial government play in the sale of marijuana?