Policy Hack is a collaborative, grassroots intergovernmental case competition whereby federal, provincial, and municipal employees in Nova Scotia come together to create innovative solutions to complex policy issues currently impacting Nova Scotians. This is Policy Hack Nova Scotia's 4th year of operation!

• For Participants: Learn new skills and gain policy experience, all while contributing creative ideas to real policy changes.

• For Departments: The competition gives government departments an opportunity to have a group of ambitious, diverse, and neutral individuals develop a policy analysis and propose a solution for their intractable challenge.

• Networking: This initiative offers a unique professional development experience where public servants gain networking experience and make connections with employees and senior leaders through collaboration.

• A Growing Initiative:  Nova Scotia's Policy Hack has grown and expanded into PEI, New Brunswick, and BC. Our goal is to grow this initiative that adds so much value to the public service into a national event.

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