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The Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) is the premier organization in Canada dedicated to excellence in public service. Since its founding in 1947, IPAC has espoused and promoted the ideals of public service from coast to coast to coast in Canada as well as around the world. With 17 regional groups across the country, IPAC brings together public servants from all orders of government as well as academics and students of public administration.

The purpose of the NWT Regional Group is to nurture excellence in public service in the Northwest Territories. It is an impartial and representative local forum that is part of a national and international network of practitioners and scholars.


The NWT Regional Group

  • provides a forum for dialogue about public administration;
  • builds networks between public servants and persons with an interest in public service;
  • aides professional growth; and,
  • educates citizens about public administration in the NWT.


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