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Celebrating Excellence - Willard J. Condo Award

About the Award

The IPAC Manitoba Regional Group annually grants a total of three university student awards in public administration, public policy and public management. Two of these (the Willard J. Condo Awards) are awarded to outstanding research papers at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The third is awarded to the outstanding graduating student in an appropriate continuing education program.

The award’s namesake, Dr. Willard Condo, was, himself, a long-time member of the Regional IPAC executive, whose extensive history of public service, commitment to higher education, and promotion of excellence stand as a testament and model for public servants, students, and researchers to this day.

The Condo Award is designed to encourage students with career interests in public service to make innovative, original contributions to the field of public administration by examining the structures, processes and outcomes of public policy, management, and government.  The competition is open to all post-secondary students in Manitoba – regardless of institution, degree, faculty, or program.

2021 Call for Papers

Terms of Reference

Previous Winners


Best Long Paper – Meagan Greentree
Best Long Paper (Second Place) – Vanessa Vertz (tied)
Best Long Paper (Second Place) – Yutaka Dirks (tied)

2020 - Best Short Paper – Heather Thomson
Runner up, Short Paper – Catriona Shantz
Best Long Paper – Heather Thomson
Runner up, Long Paper – Jazzmin Cameron

2019 - Best Short Paper – Shannon Furness; Runner up, Short Paper – Jessica Johnson
Best Long Paper – Gonzalo Agrimbau; Runner up, Long Paper – Maria Nallim

2018 - Larissa Kanhai; Runner-up: Lori Darragh

2017 - Janelle Gobin; Runner-up: Roxana Akhmetova

2016 - Sean Mckie; Runner-up: Amanda Dunnigan

2015 - Ethan Cabel; Runner-up: Sean McKie

2014 - Sarah Whiteford; Runner-up: Chris Nowell

2013 - Karen Sharma; Runner-up: Ksenia Putko

2012 - Tania Santos; Runner-up: Caitlin Keyzer

2011 - Robert Patchell; Runner-up: Jennifer Foote

2010 - Maria Nyarku

2009 - Dorothy Young

2008 - Allison Evers

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 Winners Announced  TBA