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Celebrating Excellence - LG Award

About the Award

The Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration recognizes the exceptional achievement of a person who has shown distinctive leadership in public administration in Manitoba or who, by writings or other endeavours, has made a significant contribution in the field of public administration in Manitoba. It pays tribute to public sector practitioners whose careers exhibit the highest standard of excellence, dedication, and accomplishment. The award seeks to provide recognition on an outstanding individual and to underscore the need for creative, highly skilled individuals in the public sector. The award is granted on the basis of outstanding contributions on a sustained basis rather than as a result of any single exceptional public service deed.

Key Dates

Nomination Deadline April 1, 2024
 Winners Announced  Fall 2024


Do you know someone who should be recognized for exceptional leadership contribution to the public sector in Manitoba? Would you like to recognize a colleague working at any level in the public administration landscape (municipal, federal and provincial governments, academic institutions, not-for-profit organizations, etc.) who has advanced the public sector through hard work, dedication and creativity?  The Manitoba Region of the Institute for Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) asks you to submit that person’s name for the 2024 Lieutenant Governor's Award for Excellence in Public Administration in Manitoba.

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2023 Winner

Dr. Digvir S. Jayas

Previous Winners

2022 - Dr. Marcia Anderson

2021 -Daniel Boucher

2020 - Jim Silver

2019 - Brian Postl

2018 -  Joanne Keselman

2016 - Barbara Dryden

2015 - Deborah McCallum

2014 - Debra Woodgate

2013 - Paul Vogt

2012 - Marilyn Kapitany

2011- John Wade

2010 - Diane Gray

2009 - John Wilkins

2008 - Allan Preston

2007 - Emöke J. Szathmáry

2006 - Shirley Strutt

2005 - Jim Eldridge

2004 - Benjamin Levin

2003 - Robert Adie

2002 - William Neville

2001- Arnold Naimark

2000 - Don Leitch

1999 - Thomas Farrell

1998 - Larry Whitney

1997 - Bob Hryhorczuk

1996 - Earl Backman

1995 - Moira Robinson

1994 - Paul Thomas

1993 - Roberta Ellis-Grunfeld

1992 - Graeme Garson

1991- Wally Fox-Decent

1990 - Nick Diakiw

1989 - Charles Curtis

1988 - John Bock

1987 - Ron Duhamel