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The Manitoba Region

The IPAC Manitoba Regional Group is a thriving community of public administrators from diverse sectors: municipal, provincial and federal governments; academic institutions; non-governmental organizations and other public sector entities. We strive for inclusivity and believe that better public policy emerges when everyone has a voice. To this end, we celebrate achievement through various awards for public administration, including our flagship, annual event associated with the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration. As well, our Programs Committee plans robust events throughout the calendar year on a variety of topical issues. Our IPAC New Professional group also works closely with the National IPAC INCITE group and other partners to engage and develop new public servants. Finally, IPAC Manitoba works closely with our academic institutions and specifically with the Student Association for Masters in Public Administration and Politics (SAMPA).

Our Regional Group was honoured with the National IPAC Regional Group Excellence Award, in 2017 for our work in promoting Truth and Reconciliation endeavors in the public sector, and in 2020 for our rapid switch to virtual events and adaptations to the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As a volunteer-driven group, we rely on the passion of members who give their time and expertise on the board and committees, and those who contribute in other ways to advance the discourse on and practice of public administration. To get involved or follow our progress, find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook

To learn more about the structure of the regional group, see our governance document here.