The Push and Pull of The Regional Director
Author: Richard Paton
Publication Date: 2018

This case study describes a 2011 CIDA-funded project to support civil service reform in Mongolia. The project enabled Canada's Public Service Commission (PSC) to work with Mongolia's Civil Service Council (CSC) and a working group formed by the Prime Minister to revise the national civil service legislation. Initially, the project grappled with the policy challenges of adapting Canada's federal model to a unitary country and simplifying Mongolia's highly complex, New Zealand-style public administration model. The greatest challenge, however, arose when a second working group on civil service reform was formed by Mongolia's President. At this point, Ms. Maria Barrados, the project lead and former PSC President, had a critical decision to make on whether and how to respond. Although the project's remaining resources and time were limited, Ms. Barrados determined that the best course of action would be to work directly and intensely with both working groups in an effort to achieve consensus on fundamental policy positions. Through this engagement, it is hoped that common policy grounds will be evident when the two sets of legislative proposals are presented to Parliament for review later in 2012.
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