Supporting Development Finance Institutions in Southern Afr
Author: Gordon Evans
Publication Date: 2014

Increasingly, regional solutions are being advanced to spur economic growth among developing nations. The Southern African Development Community (SADC), comprising fifteen member states, supports a regional network of 27 development finance institutions. The project described in this case study outlines the technical assistance provided to SADC's Development Finance Resource Centre (DFRC), through the CIDA-funded Deployment for Democratic Development initiative. The project's core outputs included 5-year strategic and 2-year business plans and a results-based management framework for SADC/DFRC. What is noteworthy about this project is the intensity of effort applied during the inception stage to consult with members (involving some heroic travel logistics) and redefine the original problem statement, which miscast relationship issues between DFRC and senior SADC personnel as flawed governance arrangements. This refocusing of the project paved the way for the successful effort by Stuart Kufeni, DFRC's CEO, and Frank Schwartz, the Canadian consultant, to develop and obtain buy-in for the strategic plan.
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