Leaders in the Shadows
Leaders in the Shadows
The Leadership Qualities of Municipal Chief Administrative Officers

Author: David Siegel
Publication Date: 2015

In most municipalities across Canada, the top public servant is the chief administrative officer (CAO) or city manager. Compared to elected politicians such as the mayor and the council, the work of a CAO is often overlooked and not well understood. In Leaders in the Shadows, David Siegel brings the CAO into the limelight, examining the leadership qualities of effective municipal managers.

Using the examples of five exceptional CAOs who have worked in municipalities of varying sizes across Canada, Siegel identifies the leadership traits, skills, and behaviours which have made them successful. Interweaving the stories of his subjects with insights drawn from leadership theory, Siegel offers an engrossing account of how CAOs must lead 'up, down, and out' in order to succeed. Offering well-rounded accounts of the challenges and opportunities faced by public servants at the municipal level, Leaders in the Shadows is a valuable resource for academics and practitioners alike.

ISBN: 978-1-4426-2665-2
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