Improving Safety for ATV Users in River Valley County
Author: Cathy Gladwin, John Church
Publication Date: 2013

This case uses the injuries caused by ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle) to explore issue framing, evidence-informed policy development and advocacy to policy decision makers and the public.

ATVs are used for recreation as well as for work on farms and in industry. The high-centred design of the vehicles makes them suitable for rough off-road terrain but also makes them inherently unstable leading to injury-causing rollovers and flips. In Alberta, injuries and deaths due to ATV incidents have risen as ATV use has become more prevalent. The greatest number of injures occurs among young men aged 15 ' 19 years.

Safety advocates identify a role for government in mandating the use of safety equipment and rider education. The various user groups of ATVs have differing opinions about the need for legislative control. These differing perspectives provide the opportunity for students to distinguish between different issue frames and to understand the differing ways that political actors can understand an issue frame.

Uses for this case include discussion of possible approaches to public policy advocacy or development of written or oral policy briefings.
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