Respectful Workplace Campaign
IT Branch of Canada Revenue Agency

Author: Alan Morantz
Publication Date: 2010, 2012

This is a case study of how one organization worked to create a respectful workplace environment as a means of retaining and developing its staff. The IT Branch was faced with competition for valued IT staff and recognizing that it wanted a positive culture in which to generate ideas and services for its agency. The IT Branch decided to engage staff in ways to make the workplace more positive and inviting. It engaged in both a top-down, research and strategy driven effort combined with an all-hands engagement process to come up with a series of ways to create a respectful workplace. These efforts were supported over time and produced measurable results in terms of staff attitude and in retention success. This is a good case for those interested in producing work- floor level cultural change as well as in improving the ways staff interact in all directions in a truly respectful and productive fashion. There is a Teaching Note for this Case.
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