Passport Canada: Organizational Transformation in the Face o
Author: Andrew Graham
Publication Date: 2010, 2012

When the United States imposed passport requirements on Canadians landing by air, a crisis was sparked at Passport Canada that exposed certain cultural and managerial weaknesses that had been developing over time. The response to the first wave of this change and preparation for the second wave enabled the leadership of Passport Canada to address the immediate situation with a series of measures designed to address the cultural fault lines as well as to just get through the day in crisis mode. The course of the response, still under way several years after the initiating event, represented a major transformation for this organization. Much can be learned from this transformation about the relationship between operating culture and outcomes, the need for internal cohesion in basic values, the role played by analytical information and not just data and the need for senior managerial focus on core cultural values in the resolution of an immediate threat. Finally, this is a very interesting case of how organizations learn from their challenges, their initial response and corrective measures. There is a Teaching Note for this case.
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