Negotiating the Native Friendship Centre Program
Author: G.T. Rayner
Publication Date: 1988, 2004

Case Study on Federal-Provincial Relations and Lobbying. This is a new case study that can be used to partially simulate the dynamics and problems inherent in federal-provincial relations / negotiations and lobbying in a field where the initiative for public policy. Written in a spirit where the federal point of view is predominant, but emphasizing principles at all levels and in all areas of the public sector, the study is a model of structured role playing and familiarizes participants with the origins and the evolution of the National Aboriginal Shelter Program of the Department of the Secretary of State. Participants are divided into three groups (federal, provincial, and Aboriginal) to play a role and recreate crucial bargaining sessions to determine whether the program should be renewed. By reliving these frustrating negotiations / consultations, participants came to realize the importance of being sensitive to the interests of the provinces, regions and lobby groups. In this method the participants have the opportunity to refine their negotiation techniques to arrive at a solution that will win all the way.
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