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4/7/2020Tackling Crisis Strategically  ActiveWEB20TCSWEBimages/Events/boundbox_logo2.jpg
4/14/2020Thinking Outside the Tank  ActiveWEB20TOTT images/Events/springpolicy_ipacweb_logo.jpg
4/22/2020Good Designers doing Bad Things  ActiveWEB20GDBTWEB~/images/Events/ze_april22.jpg
4/23/2020The Future of Social Spending with an Aging PopulationHalifaxNSActiveNS20FSSNSimages/Events/wave.jpg
5/13/2020Future of Gov't... Approaches to Regulating the New EconomyHalifaxNSActiveNS20FGARNSimages/Events/regulation.jpg

Partner Events

Everyone loves digital government, but what is it

Posted on 1/15/2020
This article is written by Jonathan Craft, associate professor at the University of Toronto and founding director of Policy Ready, and Zachary Spicer, the Director of Research and Outreach for the Institute of Public Administration of Canada.

On-line mentoring programs

Posted on 9/4/2019
IPAC and IPSL are excited to announce a new partnership to provide IPAC member’s with access and special savings for on-line mentoring programs designed to help Public Sector Leaders develop and improve their political acumen and better understand ho

FNPSS & IPAC Joint Plan

Posted on 8/20/2019
The First Nations Public Service Secretariat (FNPSS) and the Institute of Public Administration Canada (IPAC) are pleased to share their joint workplan. The two organizations are working together to develop joint programming, resources and encourage