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Learn more about the IPAC Calgary Chapter

Since 1947, The Institute of Public Administration of Canada, IPAC , has been the definitive association for public service professionals, scholars, students and other interested professionals who share a passion for excellent performance in public sector management.

Further, IPAC is Canada’s leading non-profit, professional organization supporting excellence in the public sector. IPAC enables public servants from all spheres of government, academics, consultants, and others interested in public administration to exchange ideas on trends, practices, and innovations in public administration. IPAC's 19 regional groups are the foundation of our networking activities and provide many opportunities for learning and sharing.
As one of the IPAC regional groups, IPAC Calgary strives to support the vision and mission outlined by IPAC National in concert with regional-specific objectives.

IPAC Vision

To build strong and dynamic public sector organizations that excel in meeting the needs of Canadians.

IPAC Mission

To support those with a shared commitment to build excellence in public administration in Canada. We bring together networks to share best practices and experiences to help solve problems and position our members and partners for success in public service.

What IPAC offers you:
     • Networking and an opportunity to raise your profile with peers and leaders in the public sector
     • Keep abreast of emerging issues, acquire new knowledge and improve your skills in public administration
     • Professional Development, lunch and learn, etc.
     • Learn about job opportunities

Examples of some of the recent events offered by IPAC Calgary: Welcome Pub Night; US Political Changes and the effect on Canada/Alberta; Change and Employee Engagement; Social Housing. Reduced fees for students and new professionals.