Celebrating Excellence - Student Awards

The IPAC Manitoba Regional Group annually grants a total of three university student awards in public administration, public policy and public management. Two of these (the Willard J. Condo Awards) are awarded to outstanding research papers at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The third is awarded to the outstanding graduating student in an appropriate continuing education program.

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2016 Willard J. Condo Memorial Award Presented to Sean Mckie

The winner of the 2016 Willard J. Condo Award in public policy is:

Sean Mckie for his paper A Buyer’s Market: How Federal Housing Institutions, Policies, and Programs Privilege Homeownership at the Expense of the Private Rental Market.

The runner up was Amanda Dunnigan for her paper The Pursuit of Use Values and other Fruitless Wishing of the Resource Poor: An Analysis of the Woodward’s Redevelopment in Vancouver, BC.

Congratulations Sean and Amanda!


2015 Willard J. Condo Memorial Award Presented to Ethan Cabel

The winner of the 2015 Willard J. Condo Award in public policy is:

Ethan Cabel for his paper Prairie Capitalism, Power and Influence in the New West: A Book Review.

The runner up was Sean Mckie for his paper Déjà vu All Over Again: Why Rising Income Inequality Harms Economic Growth and Stability and How Current Federal Policy is Sowing the Seeds of Another Financial Crisis.


2014 Willard J. Condo Memorial Award Presented to Sarah Whiteford

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014 the IPAC community in Manitoba witnessed the official announcement that Sarah Whiteford is the 2014/2015 winner of the IPAC Manitoba Willard J. Condo Award. Sarah presented her work The Child as investment: An Analysis of Manitoba's discourse on child care. In addition Sid Frankel, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work at University of Manitoba provided his perspective on the topic.

This year runner-up prize was won by Chris Nowell and his paper: Regulating the Reefer: A Canadian Approach to a Legalized Cannabis Industry


2013 Willard J. Condo Memorial Award Presented to Karen Sharma

Karen Sharma was recently annouced as the 2013/2014 winner of the Willard J. Condo Award for her work Mea Maxima Culpa: The Political Apology as an Instrument of Public Policy in Canada.

Karen is completing her Joint Masters in Public Administration from the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. Recently she was also awarded the National Silver Medal for the IPAC-CAPPA 2013 Student Thought Leadership Award at the 2013 IPAC National Conference.

IPAC members lauded Karen's achievements at the Condo Award Celebrating Excellence Event on November 7, 2013. Ksenia Putko was also honoured at the event for her paper, "The Role of Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments in Addressing the Affordable Housing Needs of Refugees in Winnipeg."  Congratulations Karen and Ksenia!

2012 Willard J. Condo Memorial Award is Presented to Tania Santos

Tania Santos accepts Student AwardTania Santos was annouced in September 2012 as this year's winner of the IPAC Manitoba Willard J. Condo Award. Tania's work Applying Gender-based Analysis to Tobacco Control Policy in Canada: The Role of Policy Instruments.

The runner-up this year was Caitlin Keyzer, for her paper, "Healthy Public Policy:The Use and Effectiveness of Policy Instruments to Foster Increased Physical Activity and Healthy Nutrition."

The theme of Tania's work was explored in a panel presentation on November 21, 2012, which also featured Dr. Andrea Rounce of the University of Manitoba and Margaret Haworth-Brockman of the Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence.  Read more about Tania in the January 2013 issue of ImPACt !


University Relations Chair Malcolm Bird of University of Winnipeg, Condo Award Winner Tania Santos, and IPAC Manitoba Chair Matt Wiebe

University Relations Chair Malcolm Bird of University of Winnipeg, Condo Award Runner-Up Caitlin Keyzer, and IPAC Manitoba Chair Matt Wiebe

2011/12 IPAC Manitoba Certificate in Public Sector Management Academic Acheivement Award is Presented to Jessica Natiuk

On June 21, 2012 at a graduation ceremony for Certificate in Public Sector Management program graduates from the Government of Manitoba, Jessica Natiuk was formally recognized for her achievement in attaining the highest G.P.A. in the 2011/12 class.

The Certificate in Public Sector Management is a progam offered through a partnerhsip between Organization and Staff Development at the Government of Manitoba, and Continuing Education at the University of Manitoba.

Congratulations are offered to all the CPSM 2011/12 graduates on behalf of IPAC Manitoba.

2011 Willard J. Condo Memorial Award is Presented to Robert Patchell

On October 20, 2011 Robert Patchell was formally recognized as the winner of IPAC Manitoba’s 2011/2012 Willard J. Condo Memorial Award at an event held at the United Way of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Event attendees representing all three levels of government (City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba and Federal Government) as well as attendees from academia and the voluntary sector listened as Robert present highlights from his award-winning research paper, Project Funding and the Nonprofit Sector in the Era of Collaborative Governance.

The presentations by Linda Brazier Lamoureux (United Way), Robert Patchell and Karine Levasseur were all very thought-provoking and well received. 

Linda Brazier-Lamoureux of the United Way, 2011/2012 Willard J. Condo Memorial Award Event

Robert Patchell (center right), recipient of the IPAC Manitoba 2011 Willard J. Condo Award and Jennifer Foote (centre left, Runner-up with Honourable Mention, receive their awards from Andrea Rounce, Chair University Relations (right) and Shannon Roe, Chair IPAC Manitoba (left).

Jennifer Foote & Robert Patchell biographical information

The award’s namesake, Dr. Willard Condo, was, himself, a long-time member of the Regional IPAC executive, whose extensive history of public service, commitment to higher education, and promotion of excellence stand as a testament and model for public servants, students, and researchers to this day.

The Condo Award is designed to encourage students with career interests in public service to make innovative, original contributions to the field of public administration by examining the structures, processes and outcomes of public policy, management, and government.  The competition is open to all post-secondary students in Manitoba – regardless of institution, degree, faculty, or program.

Major Jennifer Foote, the 2011 runner-up, is a student in the Joint-MPA program at the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg. 

Examining public policy around Canada's North, she wrote her paper on “Frozen Tundra, Frozen Policy” as part of her course on the Canadian Policy Process with Professor Donna Miller. 

A long-time Winnipeg resident, Jennifer recently moved to Ottawa to continue her work with the Canadian Forces in National Defence Headquarters.  Ms. Foote received her MPA degree from the University of Manitoba in October, 2011.

This year’s recipient of the Willard J. Condo Award was also a testament to the scope of the award and the relevance of public administration to so many areas of academia, government, and increasingly, the voluntary or non-profit sector.

Robert Patchell is an MPA student in the Joint program at the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg.  Robert’s award winning paper  “Project Funding and the NonProfit Sector in the Era of Collaborative Governance ”, was written for a class on State and Civil Society Relations that was facilitated by Dr. Karine Levasseur.

Robert Patchell holds a B.A. (Honours) in Political Studies from the University of Manitoba, and is pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree in the joint University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg program.  Robert is currently employed as an Employment & Training Coordinator with the Manitoba Department of Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade.  Prior to joining the Manitoba Government, he took part in the Manitoba Legislative Internship program, an academic internship that allowed him to gain firsthand experience of Manitoba’s legislative process.  Robert’s research interests include government’s relationship with the non-profit sector and municipal financing tools. 

Robert's work has also been recognized nationally.  The winner of the Manitoba Region's 2011 Student Thought Leadership Award sponsored by IPAC National and the Canadian Association of Public Administration Programs (CAPPA), Robert went on to the National Conference in Victoria and was honoured with the Silver Medal. Read the winning Paper.

2010 Willard J. Condo Memorial Award is Presented to Maria Nyarku

IPAC Manitoba is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2010 / 2011 Condo Award is Maria Nyarku for her research paper entitled Vectors Towards a Better Understanding of P3’s.

Maria's paper sheds light on the complex realm of P3 public service arrangements, including the main arguments for and against their use.

Maria Nyarku holds a B.A. in Sociology and is pursuing her Master of Public Administration in the joint University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg program.  She is currently working as a Student Auditor in the Office of the Auditor General Manitoba with their value-for-money audit division.  Prior to this, Maria spent a year and a half with the Manitoba Federal Council Secretariat, a federal entity that supports horizontal initiatives between government departments in areas such as public service renewal and management excellence.  She has also been active this past year as a research assistant with the U of M's Political Studies Department, and an executive member of the MPA students' association, SAMPA. 

Maria's recent academic research has involved topics such as climate change and alternative energy, immigration policy, social capital in the public service, and public-private partnerships.  Her strong academic performance has earned her not only this year's Willard J. Condo Award for top student paper in the MPA program, but also the 2010 Manitoba Student Leadership Award recognizing the program's "top talent".  Maria aims to continue applying herself to research, projects and programs that promote innovative approaches to public service.

2009 / 2010 Willard J. Condo Memorial Award is Presented to Dorothy Young

From left to right:  Jared Wesley, IPAC University Relations Director; Dorothy Young, Willard J. Condo Award Recipient; Joy Goertzen, IPAC Chair; Brenda Jasper, Runner Up with Honourable Mention

Strategic planning began in the business world. Can it be applied in education?

The opening line from guest speaker, Dorothy Young’s award winning research paper, titled Strategic Planning in Education in Manitoba, asks us to contemplate that question.

Dorothy Young presented highlights from her research paper including a review of the strategic planning activities of school divisions within Winnipeg and the results of interviews with superintendents reflecting their evaluations of the planning process, their annual reports to the community, reports to Manitoba Education Citizenship & Youth, and schools’ plans.

In a formal presentation of the Willard J. Condo Memorial Award Ms. Young was presented with the award and an acknowledgement given to the runner up.

The IPAC Manitoba sponsored Award, is presented to the best student paper in any aspect of public policy, public administration or management.

Dr. Condo was a long time Executive of IPAC Manitoba with an extensive history of public service in Manitoba, a commitment to improving the quality of higher education, and supported excellence in the field of public administration in the province.

2008 / 2009 Willard J. Condo Memorial Award is Presented to Allison Evers

Allison Evers, JMPA, University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg, The ‘Problem’ of Caring for Children in Canada: The Evolution of Advocacy, Policy and Problem Definitions.

and to the runner-up:

Kirsten Ryan, JMPA, University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg, The Economic Case for Immigration – The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.


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