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  • Much of the IPAC inventory is offered at no charge.
  • Some items like case studies, are offered at no charge to IPAC members only.
  • Some items like books have a cost, but IPAC members always receive a reduced rate.
  • All items that require shipping incur an additional cost. 
  • International orders requiring shipping must be processed manually.  Please contact us at (416) 924-8787 ext 222 or by email at ntl@ipac.ca.
  • Bookstore and Libraries receive a 20% discount from the non-member rate- please send the purchase order to ntl@ipac.ca

How to Search

Knowledge at IPAC is divided into 4 broad sections: Case Studies, Publications, Speaker Presentations and Award Submissions.  You can peruse the inventory in these sections by:

  1. Navigating the menu items around the banner
  2. Searching by subject using the pull-down menu
  3. Doing an advanced search (which includes by title or author)

Media Formats

The IPAC inventory contains the following media formats: PDF, audio, video and paper.  Paper items such as books require shipping.  All other formats are downloadable links, which are available after checking out of the shopping cart.  

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