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Health Transformation Learning Partnership

Healthcare Governance Summit Final Report


From Innovation to Transformation: Moving Up the Curve in Ontario Healthcare

This book provides an overview of the Health Transformation Learning Partnership (HTLP) project. This innovative project involves the transformation of three healthcare organizations in Ontario - North York General Hospital, York Central Hospital, and the South East Community Care Access Centre - using a combination of organizational transformation techniques.

The techniques include the development of balanced organizational scorecards, balanced governance scorecards, strategy maps, accountability agreements and process improvements, to improve quality and safety within the organizations, and to enhance the organizations' ability to respond to changes in their environment. The project also involves the innovative use of story-telling to enhance results. The results of these approaches have been tracked and documented, and the lessons learned are harnessed and shared in this book.

The Honourable Elinor Caplan is the chief executive officer of Canada Strategies Inc.

Tom Bigda-Peton is an expert on the art and science of storytelling/dynamic evaluation and qualitative analysis.

Maia MacNiven is president of MC MacNiven Consulting.

Sandy Sheahan is current chair and founder of Bethel House, a not-for-profit outreach project in downtown Kingston that provides safe, transitional housing for men recovering from addictions.


Transforming the Patient Experience: Emergency Department Process Improvement Program Case Book: Waves 1 and 2

The Emergency Department Process improvement Program (ED PIP) of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) is an important contribution to a major healthcare issue. These case studies provide stories and lessons of the implementation of an array of process improvements using lean methodologies in a number of Ontario Hospitals.
These case studies provide a context for process improvement strategies that could be adopted in other hospitals in Canada and outline the challenges or barriers that may prevent the adoption of these improvements. This study considers:
The significance of a learning culture that builds capacity and resilience in its people;


  • The significance of a learning culture that builds capacity and resilience in its people;
  • The importance of process improvements designs that enhance system effectiveness and efficiencies and increase overall reliability in care delivery and patient outcomes; and
  • The value of a management and performance measurement infrastructure that encourages and supports the desired results of the transformation.

Health Transformation Learning Partnership

Project Articles

Balanced Scorecarding and Dynamic Evaluation

Enhancing Strategy Execution

NYGH Balanced Governance Journey

Talent Management at YCH

Emergency Department Process Improvement Project

Emergency Department Process Improvement Program (ED PIP) Wave 1 and 2 Casebook


Healthcare Governance in Canada: Where do we go from here?
April 8-9, 2013, Toronto

Healthcare Leaders Conference
January 16, 2008, Toronto

Sustainable Transformation: Building a Resilient Organization
May 31-June1, 2010, Toronto

Building Resilience Through Quality and Safety
September 21, 2010, Thunder Bay

From Innovation to Transformation: Delivering and Sustaining Results
January 20-21,2011, Ottawa

IPAC/OHA Webcasts/Videoconferences

Governance Balanced Scorecard- The NYGH Journey

Dr. Larry Grossman's Webcast Deck on Physician Leader Accountability Agreements

Canadian Public Administration Journal - Special Issue

in December 2006, the Institute published a special issue of Canadian Public Administration that focused on health policy and innovation in Canada. Read the complete articles.


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