Permissions and Copyright Information

All words and images found on IPAC.ca, and associated and linked publications, are copyright by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada unless otherwise noted.

Copyright Rate Card

Permission to reproduce an IPAC publication in a published book:  $25+ HST per page of original publication

Permission to reprint an IPAC monograph now out of print for use in the classroom:  $10 + HST per copy made for the classroom. (The educational institution assumes the cost of the actual reprint.)

Permission to quote from an IPAC publication: Free of charge, as long as credit is clearly given to The Institute of Public Administration of Canada or L'Institut d'administration publique du Canada.

Permission to reprint an IPAC publication in a collated collection by an educational institution for use in classroom:  $5.00 per item copied + HST ; $20.00 + HST minimum.

Collated collection of IPAC case studies for use in the classroom:  $5.00 + HST per case (shipping and handling included). No returns

Permission to post an IPAC publication on a non-IPAC website:  No permission is given. IPAC will post requested publications on its own website and create a discrete hyperlink to the instructor or course's website. A flat fee of $10.00 + HST per number of expected students, per item will be charged. This fee is negotiable depending on the number of students.  If permission is sought by original author(s) for his or her own purposes, his/her fees are waived.

All requests must be placed in writing to ntl@ipac.ca.

Permission to reproduce content from Canadian Public Administration

Effective immediately, requests to reproduce material from John Wiley & Sons journal content are being handled through the Rightslink® online service. Wiley no longer accepts requests or forms for Wiley journal content sent via email, fax or mail. Simply follow the steps below to obtain permission via the Rightslink® system:

  1. Locate the article you wish to reproduce on Wiley InterScience (www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/118902552/home)
  2. Navigate to the abstract page
  3. Click on the 'Request Permissions' link, just below the journal image
  4. Follow the online instructions and select your requirements from the drop down options and click on 'quick price' to get a quote
  5. For further information and to view a Rightslink® demo please visit www.wiley.com and select Rights& Permissions.