CEPMA = A Community of Practice + Opportunities for Learning + Opportunities for Networking

Centre of Excellence in Performance Management and Accountability

Performance management and accountability are paramount for effective public sector leadership and the professional practitioners who serve them. The Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) established the Centre of Excellence on Performance Management and Accountability (CEPMA) to promote research and understanding of innovative and creative solutions and to provide support to its members. CEPMA connects public service professionals in the area of performance management, accountability and results through networking, learning opportunities, social media and volunteerism.  

Performance Management frameworks will increase in importance and complexity as public sector budgets are reduced, and as public value and accountability to citizens are more closely scrutinized. All governments are examining ways to reduce expenditures while maintaining essential programs and providing effective public services.

CEPMA’s purpose is to:

  • Increase understanding of performance measurement, management and accountability in a strategic and practical manner through knowledge sharing of timely, relevant material including analytics, evolving metrics, benchmarking, best practices and emerging trends. Resources will aid practitioners in ensuring organizational effectiveness and achievement of results.
  • Provide a unique forum for collaboration and facilitate a stimulating community of learning, problem solving, networking, developing new approaches and sharing among members.
  • Guide learning through carefully planned events, insightful webinars, research publications, lessons learned and case studies.

What Does CEPMA Offer?

A Community of Practice
CEPMA offers a non-partisan, collaborative environment to encourage public sector, corporate and academia to communicate, engage and share; to build skills and capacities among the members and their organizations.  CEPMA is focused on the participants’ needs, and through this focus, is self sustaining.

Join Now!

Each CEPMA membership affords five (5) individuals these unique opportunities:

  • Opportunities for Learning and Networking
  • Morning sessions, half day and full day programs – partnering with experts, thought leaders and innovators to deliver high quality research and training programs.  Sessions where possible will be available online to enhance accessibility for all members.
  • Webinars – programs from experts and thought leaders in performance management and accountability delivered conveniently to members and archived for future use.
  • Access to IPAC’s Public Service Without Borders (PSWB), a purpose driven online community of public servants; a new tool for engagement and knowledge sharing around the globe.
  • Draw from articles, case studies and research publications – including success stories from other countries, jurisdictions and organizations, what has worked well in change efforts and what has not.  Publications will focus on the critical factors for organizational success.
  • Access to the IPAC website and all the tools.

Each CEPMA membership for five (5) individuals is $5,000 per year from the date the membership or renewal is received.  Join CEPMA in this collaborative community of practice.

To join contact Suzanne Patterson at spatterson@ipac.ca , (416) 924-8787 ext 226

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