IPAC Regional Group Excellence Award

The Tony Hunt Kwakiutl carving is awarded at the annual IPAC Conference to a Regional IPAC group that exhibits excellence in its endeavours while exemplifying the ideals and objectives of the Institute's Mission.

Regional groups were formed soon after IPAC was founded to pursue the national mission at local and regional levels, and to provide opportunities for a broader range of participation in the Institute. Since the 1960s these groups of volunteers have become the organizational backbone of IPAC. In 1983, Wes Black, a former British Columbia Deputy Minister and IPAC member donated a Tony Hunt Kwakiutl carving to the Institute. This sculpture has served as the award for the regional group that has most distinguished itself through an innovative initiative during the past year.

The IPAC Regional Group Excellence Award recognizes the importance and contribution of regional group programming and services to the overall vitality, growth and value of IPAC as a national membership-based organization. This award is administered through the Regional Group Council, comprised of representatives for each of the 18 groups.