June 07 2011 Public Service Without Borders - Social Community Connecting Public Servants Worldwide Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON. – June 7, 2011 — Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) today announced that it has joined forces with Open Text™ to launch a new and exciting service for the public sector around the world called Public Service Without Borders (PSWB). www.ipac.ca/pswb

The secure, cloud-enabled collaboration and social media site, based on OpenText’s Social Workplace software, will connect all levels of public service employees to one another in order to network, share ideas, impart valuable lessons learned in such areas as governance, healthcare, technology and the environment and engage.

Whether via the Internet or through mobile devices, participants will be able to connect, network, plan and deliver exciting new partnerships and initiatives at anytime from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a Canadian, American, South African, Brazilian, British, Chinese or Indian public-sector employee, you can now connect to PSWB and engage with colleagues in a safe and secure fashion; whether to exchange policies, compare programs, or simply network.

"IPAC recognizes the need to facilitate the flow of ideas and best practices across all orders of government and areas of public services," said Denise Amyot, IPAC's President, adding, "PSWB will create links between knowledgeable individuals, as much as between institutions and jurisdictions in an objective and non-partisan environment, to ensure that expertise, research, and best practices are shared widely.”

“Public administration touches the lives of citizens around the world through the daily actions of their governments,” said Tom Jenkins, Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of OpenText. “Improving public policies and processes is a constant challenge in our increasingly interconnected world. Public Service Without Borders offers leading social, cloud and mobile technologies to connect public employees around the world in ways they couldn’t before to exchange ideas and improve services.”

Jenkins added that PSWB represents one of the world's first truly global, cloud-based government programs, one in which OpenText is proud to support, and a program for which IPAC has established truly visionary goals.

OpenText Social Workplace was used as the social workplace forum for world leaders, diplomats and policy makers at the recent G-20 Summits in Seoul, South Korea, and Toronto, Canada. The software helps organizations create a foundation for social collaboration, creating a real-time, community-based network where people can share content and ideas, and work more effectively on projects.

“PSWB is a very good example of how technology can maximize collaboration” remarks Robert Taylor, IPAC’s CEO and “let us start by sharing what we have learned about utilizing social media to engage colleagues and citizens of our world.”

Recent research and guidelines on the use of social media in the public sector has been posted to help kick-start the online conversation.

To get started – contact us at jaube@ipac.ca and we will set up an account for you.

To find out more about PSWB, contact Carole Humphries at the Institute of Public Administration of Canada. – chumphries@ipac.ca or 416-924-8787 Ext 234.

About IPAC
IPAC, created in 1947 is a dynamic public sector non-profit organization, which is known for excellence in research, conferences, and knowledge networks and as a source of public administration and public policy expertise in Canada and around the world. IPAC‘s members include public decision-makers from across Canada, academics, students, and organizations interested in public administration. www.ipac.ca.

PR Contacts:

Carole Humphries, IPAC, 416- 924-8787 Ext. 234, chumphries@ipac.ca

Richard Maganini, OpenText, +1-847-961-0662, rmaganin@opentext.com

"IPAC has provided public servants with all levels of government the opportunity to me informally, establish relationships and when the need arises to get the multi-sectoral work done more effectively...."

Maria David-Evans - Deputy Minister, Alberta Children's Services, Government of Alberta

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