Purpose of the Award

The Fredericton Regional Group of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) in partnership with Deloitte will present the New Brunswick New Professional Award each year to a promising new public service professional. The individual will be an emerging leader within the public sector who embodies the ideals and values of  sound public administration. The recipient of the award will be made by selection committee based on the quality of the submission and information provided.


Nomination Form (must be submitted by May 9th, 2014)

1. Name and contact information of nominee

First Name
Last Name
Postal Code
Telephone (B)
Telephone (Cell)

2. Recent work history (summary) of nominee. (Suggested 250 - 300 words. If possible, a CV of the nominee should be included as part of the nomination package).

3. Attach any other supporting material (up to 1500 words). The Award is awarded on the basis of demonstrated leadership potential within the public service, demonstrated ideals and values of public administration, and demonstrated ability and potential to continue and constantly improve upon the sound work of public administration and public servants. Indicate clearly and precisely the nominee's activity and contribution in the above mentioned criteria.

4. Include at least one letter of support (maximum 3 letters). Letter(s) should ideally be from supervisors or other public servants familiar with the nominee's work within the public service. Letters should be from persons other than the nominator. Upload as one document.

Name of Nominator
City, Province and Postal Code
Telephone (B)
Telephone (Cell)
Date of Submission




  1. A New Professional is defined as anyone who has been employed for less than five years (cumulative) in any of the following organizations:
    • Federal /provincial/Aboriginal governments and their agencies, boards and crown corporations
    • Municipal governments or group of municipal corporations, regional government and their agencies, boards and commissions
    • Canadian Armed Forces
    • Healthcare institutions
    • Post secondary institutions and associations and their agencies
    • School boards
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Other organizations that are deemed appropriate by the selection committee
  2. The award will be presented to a new public servant who demonstrates:
    • Leadership potential within the public service
    • A positive attitude towards their work and learning
    • The ideals and values of public administration
    • The ability, initiative and potential to continue and constantly improve upon the sound work of public administration and public servants
  3. Membership in IPAC is desirable but not required for nominees
  4. Members of IPAC’s Board of Directors  are not eligible for nomination while holding office in the Institute
  5. To preserve the independence and impartiality of the Institute, elected members of municipal, provincial, federal or Aboriginal governments (or those who have ever been so elected) are not eligible for nomination


Selection Criteria

  1. The award is made for individual achievement in the public sector, leadership and potential to make a significant contribution to public service
  2. Service in any field of public administration is relevant. Professional contributions should relate to administrative activity rather than a scientific or technical perspective
  3. When comparing the merits of contributions to the public service, the relative importance of each contribution to its own field is taken into account
  4. Activities involving IPAC are considered to be of secondary importance compared to contributions to public administration in general
  5. The award is made solely on the basis of information provided with the nomination form
  6. Nominees are eligible for consideration for only the year in which they are nominated. Nominees may be re-nominated in subsequent years if they continue to meet the nomination requirements
  7. The names of nominees and the ranking of nominees by the selection committee shall be treated confidentially
  8. The award will not be presented in a year in which, in the opinion of the selection committee, a worthy nomination has not been received


Nomination Procedures

  • Nominations shall be made on the official nomination form
  • The Nomination form must be completed online.



Deadline for receipt of nomination is May 9th, 2014.  Should you have any questions, please contact Kim.Daley@gnb.ca.