IPAC’s 62nd Annual Conference Comes to Ottawa for 2010

The Institute of Public Administration of Canada’s Annual Conference is Canada’s premier public sector learning and networking event. The Annual Conference attracts senior officials from federal, provincial, territory and municipal levels of government, as well as senior representatives from academia and the private sector. It also provides a unique chance for new public servants to meet colleagues and senior officials from across Canada.

Since its beginnings over 60 years ago, the Annual Conference has provided individuals who are striving to be the consummate public service professionals with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of public administration, share the latest research and learn best practices so that Canada continues to be a model of public democracy for the world.

This year, IPAC will be hosting its 62nd Annual Conference in Ottawa, from August 22nd to August 25th.

Speakers and participants will include the top public decision makers of Canada including Deputy Ministers and Assistant Deputy Ministers from federal and provincial jurisdictions and big-city CAOs, Directors, Director Generals, members of academia and influencers, senior policy advisors, and heads of the schools of public policy. Over 500 participants over four days are expected.

Guardians of Our Communities, from Local to Global

Why Now?

The current economic climate and tentative climb to recovery has shone significant light on the importance of public services in nearly all aspects of our lives, as Canadians and as global citizens. The 2010 conference theme, Guardians of our Communities: Local to Global, captures this renewed public awareness.

The conference will build understanding on how we define communities when they are no longer simply geographic or cultural, but increasingly interest-based and virtual. It will build an understanding of who are the guardians, and define the roles of public, non-profit and private sectors.

Five themes will address the many ways in which public policies and services affect our lives, our economy, and our communities:

IPAC 2010 also promises to showcase the best that the National Capital Region has to offer, with a variety of venues and activities planned accompanied by excellent food and great entertainment.

What is IPAC?

Founded in 1947, IPAC is a dynamic association of public servants, academics, and others interested in public administration. Anchored by our 17 regional groups nationwide, it is a member-based organization that creates knowledge networks and leads public administration research in Canada. IPAC is the leading organization dedicated to the identification and sharing of good practices and policy in public administration.